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Director of Business Development
Bay State Elevator Company
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Peter M. Hopper
Director, Marketing & Communications
Saratoga Hospital
211 Church Street
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
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Saratoga Hospital Hires Bay State Elevator For New Elevator Modernization Project

Saratoga Hospital is an award winning hospital with 400+ Doctors, 19+ Locations, and 40+ Specialties, offering a comprehensive range of medical services located in historic Saratoga Springs, Ny

Saratoga Hospital’s core commitment to patient and visitor safety expands to the modernization of its current elevators. (Add in a bit of history of building/elevators)

Bay State Elevator is in the beginning stages of modernizing current elevators with the latest technology providing security, speed and the optimal visitor experience. The newly modernized elevators have a capacity of over 2,000 pounds accommodating Class “A” Freight Loading with a speed time of 200 feet per minute. Special features include visual and audible signals for the physically handicapped, stainless steel handrails, LED recessed light fixtures and a hands free telephone.

Frank Marshall, Property and MEP Project Manager at Saratoga Hospital mentioned “We don’t even know when Bay State Elevator is here, they come in and do their work then quietly leave, they are like elevator ninjas! They are the perfect partner for Saratoga Hospital as our patient safety and comfortability is our primary concern and Bay State Elevator perfectly aligns with mission of patient satisfaction.”

Wesley Horth, Director of Business Development at Bay State Elevator said “It’s great to see Saratoga Hospital making a commitment to infrastructure, the modernized elevators will provide a new level of safety, reliability, and efficiency for the staff and patients of Saratoga Hospital. The Hospital’s forward thinking approach to infrastructure keeps their facility ahead of the curve, their newly modernized elevators makes it clear that patient care is their number one priority.”

About Bay State Elevator

Bay State Elevator was established in 1908 and is the nation’s largest independent elevator company providing elevator installation, maintenance and modernization. We help our clients identify the right type of elevator and tailor design with advanced equipment specific to your building’s needs. Bay State Elevator prides themselves on providing the best level of care, response times, and safety of their elevator services. Visit for more information or call 518.463.6363.

About Saratoga Hospital

Saratoga Hospital owes its existence to a small group of women who were determined to meet their community’s desperate need for medical care. Through their efforts, Saratoga Emergency Hospital was incorporated in December 1891. The Hospital opened its doors less than four years later, in July 1895.

In the more than 100 years since then, both the Saratoga region and its hospital have changed dramatically.
Today, the region is known far and wide for its historic racing, unique attractions, and year-round quality of life. And the once 20-bed Saratoga Hospital is the anchor of a healthcare system that offers a complete range of services to help ensure the continued health of their patients and community.