If you would like a free consultation from Bay State Elevator and think it is time for elevator modernization, we can help you with all the options available for your new unit. Please fill out the form below and we will arrange an appointment.

Not just anĀ elevator modernization company…

… We are your partner. Bay State Elevator will gladly perform a detailed needs survey and develop a short and long term capital needs production budget for each of your elevators; at no cost to you. We have a wide variety of product solutions to offer you that meet your operational, performance, safety, and financial needs. We provide both TKE (ThyssenKrupp Elevator) Factory engineered products and also a wide variety of vendor products such as MCE (Motion Control Engineering), GAL, PTL Equipment fixtures, and many others. We will determine best your needs and address these needs either comprehensively or incrementally on a phased approach.

Not sure if you need to modernize? Read more here as to why you should modernize.