If you would like a free consultation from Bay State Elevator about your elevator maintenance needs, we would be happy to assist you and discuss your elevator maintenance needs. Please fill out the form to the right and we will arrange an appointment.

What’s the difference between Bay State Elevator and other elevator maintenance companies? Bay State Elevator is committed to performing regular preventative elevator maintenance. Bay State Elevator does not just want to be your service provider, we want to be your partner.

Communication is the cornerstone of all our projects. To help make sure everyone is on the same page we created the Bay State Customer Portal. This tool gives the customer direct access to our company intranet and allows the user view billing, elevator service, and repair records. It can also be used to log requests and check the status of elevator service calls.

Elevator Maintenance Cost

Bay State elevator will work with you to determine all your elevator needs including the maintenance package, upgrades & repairs, and your elevator maintenance cost.