Why Modernize

Elevator History

Elevators installed before 1990 typically have older less reliable mechanical relay logic design, or contains a first generation microprocessor control system which is subject to technological obsolescence concerns. If you tried to conduct your work or home duties on a 1988 vintage desk top computer, you would certainly find many challenges. Throughout elevator history the elevator industry has many makes and models of controls equipment installed in the marketplace.

Modern Elevator

The modern elevator is not only faster and more efficient, but it is significantly safer. Between the OEM dominated new installation market and the modernization market with its vast choices of 3rd party engineered products, multiple products are installed and controlling elevator systems. Some perform better than others by design, and others are no longer in production and obsolete with limited serviceability. Lastly, some are both and very proprietary in controls and software/hardware support. Bay State Elevator installs and supports ThyssenKrupp products as its primary construction products distributor in Western New England and Eastern New York. We also primarily provide MCE (Motion Control Engineering) products as a 3rd party option. If your elevator was installed by another vendor prior to 1990, it would be worth your time and ours to take a look at your existing equipment to see where you stand in terms of safety, serviceability, obsolescence, and reliability.

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