Elevator Technology

Thanks to new elevator technology and more than 30 performance-optimizing features, you’ll feel the difference the first time you step in your elevator after our power modernization. This total solution consumes less energy and uses superior materials without the need to replace your entire hydraulic elevator system. Featuring a digital control system, code-compliant signal fixtures and improved door operation, our power components work together to improve the operation of a hydraulic system throughout its life cycle.

Energy Efficient Elevators

This gearless solution in our energy efficient elevators is so advanced, we save you 25 percent more than the industry average for every kilowatt used while reducing the environmental impact. We will remove your existing geared machine, controller and motor generator with minimal disruption to your building’s traffic flow. Your facility will be modernized with the latest technology in digital controls using advanced dispatching and an efficient Alternate Current (AC) drive system. We convert your Direct Current (DC) hoist motor to AC while cleaning and reusing your existing machine, including gears, sheaves and bedplates.

Elevator Materials

In the past, elevator materials sometimes included asbestos. As a general rule, elevators installed prior to 1970’s, have a strong possibility of having doors that contain asbestos. This material was used as a fire proofing material in many pre 1970 door panels by many of the leading elevator manufacturer’s and door system providers. It has become very evident, from our experience, that in all likelihood, the elevator doors are not normally tested in accordance with the overall building asbestos assessment. Safety concerns to our service employees, and your customers and tenants, are of our primary concerns with this issue.

ADA Compliance

State and Federal regulations can be confusing when it comes to compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you’re unsure about whether or not the elevators in your buildings are up to code, ask Bay State Elevator to survey the elevators and submit a list of recommended changes.

Capital Plan

Elevators installed before 1990 typically have older less reliable mechanical relay logic design, or contains a first generation microprocessor control system which is subject to technological obsolescence concerns. If you tried to conduct your work or home duties on a 1988 vintage desk top computer, you would certainly find many challenges. Today’s elevators are not only faster and more efficent, but they are significantly safer.


Over its history, The elevator industry has many makes and models of controls equipment installed in the marketplace. Between the OEM dominated new installation market and the modernization market with its vast choices of 3rd party engineered products, multiple products are installed and controlling elevator systems. Some perform better than others by design, and others are no longer in production and obsolete with limited serviceability. Lastly, some are both and very proprietary in controls and software/hardware support. Bay State Elevator installs and supports ThyssenKrupp products as its primary construction products distributor in Western New England and Eastern New York. We also primarily provide MCE ( Motion Control Engineering) products as a 3rd party option. If your elevator was installed by another vendor prior to 1990, it would be worth your time and ours to take a look at your existing equipment to see where you stand in terms of safety, serviceability, obsolescence, and reliability.