Elevator Modernization

The real useful life of an average use modern elevator is 30-35 years. Heavy use elevators can even see a shorter life span. Other key issues such as obsolescence also play a pivotal role in determining whether an elevator modernization is needed. Greater reliability, safety, serviceability, floor to floor times, less energy consumption, reduced liability exposure, planned limited downtime, and greater tenant and employee satisfaction and retention, are all benefits you can expect to receive from an expert Bay State Elevator ModernizationSolution and Capital Plan.

Production Budget

Bay State Elevator will gladly perform a detailed needs survey and develop a short and long term capital needs production budget for each of your elevators; at no cost to you. We have a wide variety of product solutions to offer you that meet your operational, performance, safety, and financial needs. We will determine best your needs and address these needs either comprehensively or incrementally on a phased approach.

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