There’s no better way to extend the life of your elevator while providing safe reliable service and preventing costly problems from popping up than with monthly elevator maintenance. That’s why Bay State Elevator is committed to performing regular preventative elevator maintenance. Bay State Elevator does not just want to be your service provider, we want to be your partner.

Customer Service

Elevator Service

At Bay State we pride ourselves on providing the best level of customer service possible, our response times and issue resolution is second to none. Unfortunately, this commitment to excellence is not industry wide. We often hear from property owners that they never see their current provider until there’s a problem and even then the response time is horrible, minor repairs shutdown their elevators for days. At Bay State we are breaking away from traditional service agreements, the Oil and Grease, Exam and Lube, Full Maintenance, Master Maintenance, etc. These are last century agreements, today our clients want a service provider that can create a custom elevator service program for their individual needs! Everybody’s situation is unique, don’t purchase services that you don’t want or need. Call our sales team today, we are happy to review your individual requirements and build a customized elevator service agreement that fits your individual needs.