At Bay State we make your project run as smooth as our elevators. This is done by using a standard elevator plan for each custom project.

Elevator Maintenance

Our plan of action would start with preventative elevator maintenance. When we are on campus our primary goal will be to prevent problems before they surface. To accomplish that effectively it takes time, and we will have a technician on site for as long as necessary to make sure that all items of your elevators have been inspected.There’s no better way to extend the life of your elevator while providing safe reliable service and preventing costly problems from popping up than with monthly elevator maintenance.

Elevator Modernization

The real useful life of an average use passenger elevator is 30-35 years. Heavy use elevators can even see a shorter life span. Other key issues such as obsolescence also play a pivotal role in determining whether an elevator modernizationis needed.

Elevator Construction

Bay State Elevator’s construction team is highly experienced in working with architects, builders and business owners to install state of the art elevators. Every building and every elevator installation is unique.


We also pride ourselves in communication, our dedicated operations team will be in contact with you as much as necessary to discuss our view on how to keep your elevators running smoothly.

Customer Communication

We understand that as a building owner or facility manager your goal is to have your building running at peak efficiency all the time. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to strengthen the communication loop and provide you with real-time feedback on all of your elevator systems. Here are a couple of the reasons why our customer service sets the industry standard.

Senior Account Executives

They know your equipment and they live in your community. They understand the daily challenges your building faces and they constantly working to develop a plan to best meet your needs. Our team will work with you to help you maximize the longevity of your equipment.

Customer Service Team

We refer to them internally as CST, this team has been constructed to handle all of your account information and to answer any questions you have. Some of the key functions the customer service team can handle for you include:

  • Research customer inquiries, and gather all relevant information on any issues.
  • Schedule any minor repairs to make sure your equipment is running smoothly.
  • Respond to customer requests for information, and provide any necessary documentation you require.

The Portal

For customers who require a real-time look in on all elevators across their entire facility Bay State Elevator offers the use of our customer portal. This tool is always up to date with the most current information about your equipment, here’s a few more new facts about this great tool:

  • Private and secure this online tool can be accessed from any computer or smartphone
  • 24×7 access off up-to-date information
  • Check the status of repair requests, and any work you have scheduled
  • Log questions online and communicate directly with our customer service team