Bay State Elevator’s construction team is highly experienced in working with architects, builders and business owners to install state of the art elevators. Every building and every elevator installation is unique. We have the experience and know how to make your project a success. We tailor the design and equipment directly to the needs and specifications of the project. We install all sizes and shapes of elevators, everything from a machine room less passenger elevator to heavy duty freight elevators. Our vast experience in maintenance allows us to make sure your elevator is installed correctly for your application and will stand the test of time. We stand behind all of our work, we offer some of the best warranties in the industry, and continuing maintenance for the life of your equipment. We are always ready to assist you at anytime during the life of your elevator and beyond!



Defines strength and reliability, and designed with the most advanced technology to keep up with the traffic demands in buildings up to 79 ft. tall.

Endura MRL

Maximize building space and design freedom with the endura MRL, the industry’s first truly machine room-less elevator. A perfect choice for low-rise buildings up to four stories tall.


Innovative in both power and efficiency, with advancements that make it flexible and space-saving for buildings up to 300 ft. tall.


Built around your designs and engineered to be quick, comfortable and efficient. Momentum incorporates all of our best thinking and is ideal for high rise buildings.