As Connecticut gets ready to adopt the 2013 code regulations on elevator pistons, any building owner or overseer using systems dated before 1972 will be required to replace them.

Earlier elevator designs using hydraulic cylinders containing single flat bottoms are susceptible to safety hazards.

Bay State Elevator will be providing service to the state of Connecticut helping in the conversion to the American Society of Engineers (ASME) Code A17.1 to ensure higher levels of safety both to the public and to maintenance technicians.

Safety is not just an obligation but a requirement, and adherence to the Code is also paramount in protecting yourself from potential liabilities. ASME A17.3 is set to be implemented this month to provide assistance in retroactive conversion and will be achieved in accordance with regular inspections.

As an overseer this means that you need to determine if your systems are meeting current regulations and come up with a plan to act now. For more information, please visit:

Using our state of the art technology, Bay State Elevator will ensure that you can move forward confidently by identifying outdated systems and installing the best system to meet your individual needs.

Bay State Elevator has been family run since 1908. Bay State cares about providing safe and reliable transportation because we are dedicated to providing quality service to our local customers. Bay State Elevator maintains branch offices in Dalton, MA; Worcester, MA; Bloomfield, CT; Albany, NY and Essex Junction, VT. Any Connecticut building owner or facility manager with questions on the code regulations, or wishing to ensure their consistency with those regulations, is encouraged to contact Bay State Elevator at (860) 243-9030 or at Over the next month, Bay State Elevator is available to complete surveys of your equipment so you can find out if you’re in violation.


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