Sustainability is an important factor in any elevator decision. Our team can help you find ways to minimize your carbon foot print, while still receiving the high quality product your business needs to survive. Here’s a list of different products and services we offer that will help you go green!

Destination Dispatch

Applications that require multiple elevators in a single lobby can greatly benefit from the installation of Destination Dispatch. This approach to transporting passengers directs passengers to the correct elevator to reach their desired floor. This method reduces the number of stops a passenger encounters and greatly improves the efficiency of the elevator system’s total travel time. The reduction of a buildings overall power consumption can be greatly impacted depending on the number of elevators and floors serviced.

Machine Room-Less Elevators (Synergy)

When floor space is at a premium choosing our Synergy Machine Room-Less Elevator can solve a lot of issues. This application places all elevator equipment inside the hoistway, and requires no drilling so the surrounding environment is not impacted in any way. Because of this contained design the Synergy model minimizes energy consumption while providing the same smooth travel riders desire.

Regenerative Drives

One of the best ways to conserve energy is through the use of regenerative drives. These drives are able to convert mechanical energy under breaking conditions into electrical energy which is returned to the power grid. This action will not only lower your monthly utility bill, but can also be used to earn credits towards LEED certification. These drives also generate significantly less heat so the need for cooling equipment in the elevator machine room can be scaled back. These drives can be added to almost any application and serve as an excellent green strategy building block.

Biodegradable Oil

If your elevator utilizes hydraulic oil you may want to consider our Enviromax high-performance vegetable-based hydraulic fluid. This ultra-low toxicity oil is biodegradable and specifically designed to reduce wear and tear on hydraulic elevator systems. It includes a special additive that will protect your equipment against rust and corrosion, and it’s formulated from canola oil making it a renewable sustainable source.

DOWNLOAD the ThyssenKrupp Enviromax Information Guide.

LED Lighting

Retrofitting your elevator interior with a downlight LED system can significantly reduce energy consumption. You can expect a reduction in electricity of roughly 75% to 90% over similar halogen fixtures. A new LED lighting installation will also reduce heat by approximately 75% ensuring a comfortable ride for any passengers. These lights are also very easy to maintain and have a life expectancy of 50,000 hours which is almost 90% longer than a similar halogen fixture set.