Paul G. Long RPA
Director of Property Management, Omni Management Group, Ltd.
In my 20 years in this business I have to say Bay State Elevator Company is one of the best and most professional elevator companies I have ever worked with, from management down to field staff they all conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner. Out of the 13 properties that Omni manages and/or owns it is a testament to Bay State that they service the majority of those properties.

David Brown | Century Hill Drive

David Brown, Real-estate lawyer and owner of Century Hill Drive talks about how he never see’s Bay State Elevators technicians because they come in and do their job and just make the elevators run right. BSE is an Albany NY Elevator Company.

Frank Marshall | Saratoga Hospital

Frank Marshall – Hospital Management – Project Manager at Saratoga Hospital – talks about working with Bay State Elevator on a elevator modernization project. Find out more information or call 617.413.0714

Sharon Kelley | Carrow Real Estate Services

Sharon Kelley, VP Property Management Services at Carrow Real Estate Services discusses Bay State Elevator’s excellent customer services, reliability, attention to detail and quality technical services of their elevator modernization and elevator maintenance.