Bay State Elevator

Bay State Elevator Company was established in 1908. For the length of the history of Bay State Elevator, we have been a family company whose main concern is providing quality service to our local markets. We genuinely care about providing safe and reliable transportation because we live in this area, and strive to make sure our service quality reflects that. Bay State Elevator maintains branch offices in Dalton, MA; Worcester, MA; Bloomfield, CT; Albany, NY and Essex Junction, VT. We only hire fully licensed elevator mechanics that are well skilled in the safe operations of all vertical transportation products. Bay State Elevator does not just want to be your service provider, we want to be your partner. At Bay State Elevator we pride ourselves on providing the best level of care possible, our response times and issue resolution is second to none.

Top Elevator Companies

As one of the top elevator companies, Bay State Elevator’s proposal to meet your scope of work will include a dedicated technician to handle all of your monthly maintenance needs. All of our technicians are trained to handle every manufacturers equipment, but are specific area of expertise is with the ThyssenKrupp and Dover products. We have been an authorized distributor of the ThyssenKrupp and Dover brands for over 100 years and have a long history maintaining their products. With such a large portion of your catalogue being ThyssenKrupp products we believe we can maintain your equipment at a higher quality for a very fair cost making us on of the top elevator companies. We also fully understand the requirements to maintain a university campus of your size, and how critical it is to ensure that your equipment is running safely. We have had long term relationships with many schools throughout the northeast ranging from Union College, Williams College, to Norwich University.

Bay State Elevator has a strong history and the technical experience to service a higher education facility like Southern Connecticut State University. We have had multiple decade relationships with many colleges in the area, and we believe that our customers continue to re-new with us because of the quality of service and the responsiveness to issues that they receive. We may be a local company but technology is a big focus of ours, and our company portal has been instrumental in helping our customers understand their equipment. Recently we began servicing the elevator’s at Smith College in Northampton, they were unhappy with the level of service they were receiving from one of the national companies. We worked with the college to help them learn about their equipment and our company portal provided strong communication so both parties were aware of any situation on their campus.