Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead Plan ahead! Sometimes we focus solely on the elevator trade, but if a fire breaks out in your home or workplace, you may have only a few minutes to get out safely once the smoke alarm sounds. After the experience of my next door neighbor’s house burning down, and myself and the neighbors rushing to… Read More “Plan Ahead”

Safe Elevator Machine Room Access

Safe Elevator Machine Room Access Among the associated hazards that elevator mechanics often encounter in the elevator trade, elevator machine room access is often overlooked, but it poses a variety of threats to our health and safety. Our industry often includes job siteswhere we access parts of buildings that are infrequently occupied and hazards go unnoticed. Hazards associated with… Read More “Safe Elevator Machine Room Access”

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Here’s a fun one to end the week on!

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving Safety Tips Working in the elevator industry we often focus our safety efforts on what happens in the hoistway, but did you know that each year there are more than 4,000 cooking fires that occur on Thanksgiving Day? With the holidays just around the corner here are some helpful tips that extend beyond elevator… Read More “Thanksgiving Safety Tips”

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! How about a terrible elevator pun to end the week on?

Remember Why We Are Safe!

Remember Why We Are Safe! Every day we go to work without even thinking twice. We perform elevator work as if it is second nature: drive to work, place hands in hot controller, troubleshoot, get on elevator car top, drive to another location and do it all over again. Every now and then we mumble… Read More “Remember Why We Are Safe!”