4 Ways to Relieve Your Stress

Working in the elevator industry stress comes with the territory often times daily. The following are a few simple ways to relieve your stress. Exercise – By taking a walk or going to the gym, you can improve your sleeping habits and improve your confidence, which both affect your well-being. Chew Gum – Did you know simply chewing gum… Read More “4 Ways to Relieve Your Stress”

First Impressions Matter: Importance of a First Elevator Inspection

First Impressions Matter: Importance of a First Elevator Inspection When obtaining new elevator maintenance contracts, it’s extremely important to conduct a first elevator inspection at the elevator contract start date, so you can: Identify potential safety hazards in the elevator machine room and elevator hoistway. Ensure the elevator is in good working condition. Perform maintenance… Read More “First Impressions Matter: Importance of a First Elevator Inspection”

Rooftop Safety

Rooftop Safety Many times during the day elevator professionals walk onto building roofs to access elevator machine rooms. We don’t know what kind of danger this walk will bring. Depending on the time of year, we can have many different weather conditions: the sun is so bright you are blinded, it’s so cold there’s ice, and the wind so… Read More “Rooftop Safety”

Welcome to Bay State Elevator!

At Bay State Elevator it’s our goal to make customer service easy so you can reach the right person quickly. To speed up the process we’ve completely re-designed our welcome packages that now come with handy magnets to help you get where you want to go. If you’re an existing customer don’t worry you won’t… Read More “Welcome to Bay State Elevator!”

Hand and Power Tool Safety

Hand and Power Tool Safety Hand Tools It is important that all elevator mechanics not use unsafe hand tools. Tools must be used for their intended use. Example of improper use may be using a screwdriver as a chisel, which may cause the tip of the screwdriver to break and fly, hitting the user or other employees…. Read More “Hand and Power Tool Safety”

4 Areas To Inspect ​Proper Elevator Electrical Grounding

Proper Elevator Electrical Grounding An ungrounded electrical circuit can be an accident waiting to happen. If for some reason a live wire were to come into contact with an ungrounded piece of elevator equipment, the live wire would sit waiting for some unlucky person to complete the circuit and be injured and end up in the hospital or… Read More “4 Areas To Inspect ​Proper Elevator Electrical Grounding”