Bay State aims to rise with Albany’s construction boom

When guests at the Renaissance Albany Hotel across from the state Capitol take one of the elevators in the lobby up to their rooms, Wes Horth can’t help but smile. That’s because Horth is director of business development at Bay State Elevator, a Dalton, Mass., company that modernized old and installed new elevators as part of a $50 million… Read More “Bay State aims to rise with Albany’s construction boom”

I Took the Stairs

Submitted: Frank R…. I remember going to visit a client at their downtown office in Albany, NY. I was working with my client for a good part of the day. When I first got onto to the elevator, I really didn’t notice anything or anyone that made me think twice. Around lunchtime, when I decided… Read More “I Took the Stairs”

Elevator Contracts – Apples to Apples

Getting a better price generally never means getting the same service and coverage. Over my 27 years in the business I have had some conversations with customers who tell me they have been approached by competitors offering lowering pricing. Always be wary of “cheaper” pricing and promises that are not in writing. Elevator service contracts can be… Read More “Elevator Contracts – Apples to Apples”

Tips for good elevator door operation

Elevators are one of the most frequently used forms of transportation. Just think how many times the doors of an elevator open and close. As a building owner or manager, you want to be sure the elevator is running well. What do you do, though, if you notice the elevator doors do not operate properly? Do the doors stay open? Are the… Read More “Tips for good elevator door operation”