Elevator Selfies

Elevator Selfies: What is a Selfie?

"Selfie" a generalized term for a "self portrait", has become popular among today's youth. But it's invention is actually very old probably originated around 1839 when Robert Cornelius took the first "selfie". He called it the "first light picture ever taken." It was actually one of the first human portraits ever.

The process called the "Daguerrian process" was actually time consuming , so to produce portraits one had to actually stand in front of the camera for a minute and then cap the lens. Cornelius was the one who produced a picture of a human as a main subject.This also was the beginning of this photographic concept, the self portrait.

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This is Robert Cornelius in the first "selfie". Behind it he wrote - "the first light picture ever taken."

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MadAddie Crew in Montreal
Marriott Hotel

Brianna and Cassie
College of Saint Rose

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