Bay State Elevator State Testing Team

State Testing Team

As our Team will tell you, elevator state testing is very different from state to state. With increased regulation coming across all four states we service, staying up to date with the legal changes has become a full time job.

For example, the state of Massachusetts is based on expiration dates. When a unit (elevator, wheelchair lift, dumbwaiter, vertical lift) comes within 60-90 days of expiration we file for an annual test with the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety (DPS). Once the annual test is filed for, we then wait for the DPS to schedule the test. We usually receive the new schedule mid-month, it is reviewed internally by scheduling coordinators and supervisors and then finalized. Once the test is finalized we send emails to all customers with date and time for their test. When a test is confirmed by the customer (either by email or phone call) we send the test to one of our technician’s mobile tablets. Massachusetts state testing changes all the time for many different reasons, coordinating with the state inspectors can be challenging, traveling from location to location, this year we used weights for testing (every five years).

Once a test is complete and passes, we wait for the process to repeat itself next year. If a unit fails, it falls under a whole new process. The inspector will either give the unit 60 to 90 days for a re-test. After reviewing the write-up we then communicate with customer on all necessary repairs. After all issues have been corrected we wait for the re-schedule date and complete that process. As you can see there are a lot of different spokes in the Massachusetts state testing wheel, but it is our goal to handle the process for you while keeping you updated every step of the way.

State Testing Team

David Horth
Vice President

Lisa Vincent

Joe Potts
Senior Account Representative

Chris Barcus
Customer Service Representative

Tim Snyder
State Testing Leader

Patricia Yamin
Director of Operations

Peter Horth
Vice President

Jennifer Sheran
Inside Sales Coordinator