Bay State Elevator Shipping & Receiving Team

Shipping & Receiving

The Purchasing and Receiving teams play a pivotal day to day role in the operations of Bay State Elevator. As the installation and modernization sales begin to grow it becomes more critical for these teams to work together to meet the demands for the Sales Team. The purchasing team’s responsibility is to use a variety of strategies to get the best available price for a product and service. It is essential to create and maintain a strong working partnership with all our outside vendors. Due to the high volume of orders, it creates a close working environment for the Receiving and Purchasing teams. The Receiving team coordinates and schedules all shipments coming in, as well as leaving any of the warehouses.

It is crucial that deliveries arrive on time and deadlines are met. These 2 teams play an important and large role in the growth and overall production of the company. With customer service as our main goal, these teams work hard to keep the company’s operating costs low and shipments on time. Low costs and timely shipments make for a happy customer, and a happy customer makes for a happy company!

Shipping & Receiving

Glen Wallace
Shipping and Receiving

Patricia Yamin
Director of Operations

Brandon Rousseau
Purchasing Agent

Randy Simoneau
Shipping and Receiving

Dan Towle
Shipping and Receiving Team Leader