Bay State Elevator Dispatch Team

Dispatch Team

Our dispatch team at Bay State Elevator is vital in our communication between customers and technicians in the field. The team receives service calls from our customers over the phone, through emails, and even after hours to ensure 24/7 coverage. The information is relayed to our technicians in the field. This is done in the timeliest manner possible to insure the speediest service possible in the safest manner. We care about our customers, whether a small church or a large college campus. We do our best to provide quality and safe service to all of our customers.

When you call us you won’t be greeted with an automated answering service, but rather one of our friendly dispatchers to help you resolve your issue.

Our Team


Kristina Mitchell
Modernization Coordinator

Vicki Kornacki
Contract Administrator

Patricia Yamin
Director of Operations

Lisa Vincent

William Dyer